Uncle Jessie and Josh Peck are in a TV show

John Stamos from “Full House” and Josh Peck from “Drake and Josh” star in the new Fox TV show, “Grandfathered.”

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John Stamos from “Full House” and Josh Peck from “Drake and Josh” star in the new Fox TV show, “Grandfathered.”

By Talia Milavetz, Staff Writer

‘90s kids rejoice — John Stamos from “Full House” and Josh Peck from “Drake & Josh” have come together to star in the new Fox television show, “Grandfathered.”

The series opens with upscale restaurant owner Jimmy (Stamos) clad in a sharp blue suit going around to every woman in the restaurant and asking, “How does it feel to be the prettiest woman in the room?” Moments later, Gerald (Peck), the opposite of Stamos with a shy demeanor and worn green sweatshirt, comes into the restaurant to tell Jimmy that he is his son. Not only that, but he has a daughter, making Jimmy simultaneously a new father and grandfather.

This plot isn’t particularly unique or interesting, resulting in a story that is cliché and forced. After he gets the news, Jimmy tells the son he needs time and hands him his business card.

This moment attempts to be both funny and meaningful, yet fails to do either. The pilot is full of these half-baked moments that fall short of being anything at all and end up acting simply as mundane conversation

Later we find out that Gerald wanted to meet Jimmy in the first place because he wanted romantic advice, having heard from his mother that Jimmy was a womanizer. Specifically, advice on how to get the mother of his baby to start thinking about him as more than a friend. This plot twist was almost too unexpected, resulting in an ingenuine plot device.

There were some good moments during the pilot. The on-screen comedy of Stamos was funny, and the role is a perfect fit. Peck didn’t get as much of an opportunity to show his comedic skills in the pilot as Stamos did, but hopefully as the season goes on he will get that chance. There is a sort of charm about “Grandfathered,” but it isn’t enough to sustain a half hour show. It feels like the pilot relied too much on the star power and not enough on the content.  

The acting was good and they were funny with what they were given, but nothing felt particularly new. It’s possible the story arc will grow throughout the season, but the pilot wasn’t a great first impression.

“Grandfathered” runs Tuesdays on Fox.

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