Sweater weather welcomes cozy trends

After a few months of blisteringly hot weather, New Yorkers beg for the first crisp, cool fall days to roll around. Many people have become tired of wearing the same shorts or tank tops and begin to crave their cashmere sweaters and oversized jackets.

A large trend for many collections this season is combining sheer, lingerie-like materials with a classic cashmere. Similar to Rodarte, pair a black Uniqlo cashmere sweater ($80) with maroon jeans and Nike tennis shoes. If the back of the sweater is transparent, it can give this everyday look a flirty and fun touch.

For a casual athletic look inspired by Tommy Hilfiger’s mustard yellow and stripes, an oversized sweater by Urban Outfitters paired with a simple, cream Vans slip-on is crisp and easy. The off-white sweater covered in two inch stripes of cherry red, mustard yellow and navy blue becomes the center of attention when walking the streets of New York City.

A cream, structured turtleneck sweater influenced by Wes Gordon’s design is another closet staple this season. The piece is not only modern, but also comfortable. Paired with dark jeans and simple boots, you’re destined to feel cozy and still look sophisticated.


The classic army green bomber jacket that was prominent in the Moschino runway show was also seen in the streets outside Fashion Week. Top Shop’s stylish green bomber jacket features gold detailing for extra flair ($105). Pair with a simple black dress, Zara booties and Ray Bans to pull this look from classic to stylish.

One of the best pieces of clothing to wear this fall is an oversized jacket or jacket vest. Although these can get pricey, a gray, white and black knee length jacket from Urban Outfitters ($130) can be styled with most things in a New Yorker’s closet. Inspired by several designers including Public School, Lanvin and even Dior, this fall trend is a hit. This jacket worn with an all black outfit and slippers makes a statement for any daytime event.

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