[UPDATE] NYU student to be released by North Korea

Marita Vlachou, Deputy Managing Editor

UPDATE [Oct. 5, 11:46 p.m.]:

NYU spokesperson John Beckman said the university is relieved to hear the good news of Joo’s release.

“He and his family have been in our thoughts,” Beckman said. “We’re relieved to learn of his release and glad for this good outcome.”

According to CNN, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service will be investigating whether the 21-year-old violated national security law.

Original article:

South Korean officials said North Korea plans to release Stern junior Won-moon Joo from custody on Monday. He will be brought to the border and given to the South Korean government,  according to a CNN news report.

Joo was arrested last April for illegally entering North Korea and has since been in prison. 

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