NYU impresses in World University rankings


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NYU ranks 30th in the World University Rankings for Journalism.

Lexi Faunce, Deputy News Editor

The prestige of NYU academics takes center stage again, as the university is ranked 30th by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings in its list of top global universities for the 2015-2016 school year. NYU has made impressive strides compared to its academic counterparts by moving up 30 places in this ranking during the last five years.

The report judges international university performance by examining the main goals of academic centers including teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. The schools are then compared across 13 performance indicators to provide a fair observation based on elements such as learning environment and reputation.

Last week, USA Today also announced that NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute was ranked seventh among U.S. undergraduate journalism programs. The Tisch School of the Arts and the NYU School of Law are also ranked top ten colleges in their respective fields.

Tisch sophomore Sarah Proctor said the beauty of attending NYU is the university’s emphasis on classes dedicated to ensuring future success. As a musical theatre major, Proctor also said a great benefit of enrolling in NYU is the number of alumni currently on Broadway.

“Unlike many other musical theatre programs in the nation, [NYU] not only accepts exceptional singers, dancers and actors but the university also selects scholars,” Proctor said. “It’s not surprising when almost everyone you talk to is not only extremely talented but was also the valedictorian of their high school class.”

Satellite sites in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America have allowed NYU to extend its scholastic principles into other thriving metropolises outside the United States and to set itself apart from other universities.

In a press release from NYU to promote their global program, the university talked to four students about their experiences abroad. CAS alumna Holly spent a semester in Sydney, Australia and described her unique experience.

“Studying abroad is really important because it gives students that global perspective that NYU is all about,” she said. “Personally, Sydney was an amazing experience because we got to go out into the real world and see the things that we were learning about in the classroom, especially concerning Aboriginal culture.”

The Princeton Review has also named NYU the number three dream school picked by students for the 2015 year.

Steinhardt senior Ben Yee-Paulson said NYU’s academic distinction can be attributed to its esteemed professors. Yee-Paulson credits faculty members for the success of the university’s alumni.

“The training I received from my professor led to my music having national recognition, and acceptance into an international music program,” Yee-Paulson said. “Experiences like this set NYU apart from other schools because you can always find a great mentor-student relationship, given the sheer size of the university.”

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