East Coast, NYU ready for hurricane Joaquin

Alex Bazeley, News Editor

As Hurricane Joaquin sweeps up through the Atlantic along the Eastern seaboard, the NYU community is preparing for the potential of heavy rains, winds and flooding throughout the weekend.

As of Thursday night, Joaquin was listed as a Category 4 storm and was making its way through the Bahamas with 130 mile per hour winds.

In an email sent out to the NYU community on Thursday morning, Executive Vice President for Operations Alison Leary assured students and faculty that this weekend’s storm would be nothing like 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, which wreaked havoc across several countries.

“At this point, there are no predictions of the kind of damage we saw from Hurricane Sandy,” the email reads. “However, that storm’s impacts are still very fresh in the minds of those who went through it.”

Hurricane Sandy cost more than $65 billion — the second costliest in U.S. history behind Hurricane Katrina — and killed more than 200 people along its whole path.

According to the Weather Channel, landfall is still possible for Hurricane Joaquin although the possibility is diminishing. Forecasters are having trouble predicting where the storm’s path will go. It is projected to touch New York on Monday, with slower winds around 80 miles per hour.

The city of New York will continue to monitor the hurricane and is encouraging residents to take all necessary precautions to ensure preparedness for the impending storm.

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Note: A previous version of this article said that Hurricane Sandy cost more than $65 million.