Fashion campaigns challenge gender norms

Adryan Son and David Bologna

Past perceptions of fashion are most commonly identified with heteronormative styles of dress, but recently, some of the most renowned fashion brands, such as ACNE, Dior and Hood By Air are breaking that norm. Their fresh new campaigns are becoming a place for social change.

Today, a clear division between womenswear and menswear is becoming less and less definable. ACNE’s creative director, Jonny Johansson, used his 12-year-old son to show off this season’s womenswear. Throughout the years, industry visionaries like Johansson have been gradually demolishing the wall between male and female fashion. This new campaign serves as a signifier of the changes the fashion industry is bringing. When it comes to fashion, there does not need to be a distinction between men and women.

This change the new campaigns are bringing is screaming out that people should feel comfortable wearing whatever they want. Many fashion insiders have already been taking this to heart as they wear what they want regardless of the clothings’ gender distinction.

Creative director Shayne Oliver of Hood By Air mesmerizes the world with his one-of-a-kind runway collections and catwalks. When Oliver puts on a show, spectators tend to ask if the model is male or female. Regardless, Oliver’s pieces blur gender norms and make every model look stunning. His designs and prints empower people without distinction of gender.

Hari Nef, the first transgender model/actress signed to IMG Worldwide, had the privilege of walking in a Hood By Air show. In an interview, she mentioned that there are many trans-women walking for top shows. It seems like the era of gender norms is vanishing in the fashion world as it provides the chance for all styles to shine.

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