Stern lands among top five undergraduate business programs


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NYU is very proud of its recent rankings.

Alice Zhang, Contributing Writer

U.S. News & World Report placed NYU 32nd in their annual college rankings list released yesterday, behind University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and ahead of University of Rochester. Princeton University, Harvard University and Yale University took the top three spots respectively.

Meanwhile, the Stern School of Business at NYU fared better as an individual college, landing in the fifth spot among the best undergraduate business programs.

Stern has traditionally been considered a top-tier business school, also finishing fifth last year. These rankings are determined through peer surveys, where deans and senior faculty members are asked to rate undergraduate business programs. The ranking system takes into account undergraduate reputation, student retention, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources, graduation rate performance and alumni giving rate.

Though subjective, peer reviews are nonetheless influential, as a school’s reputation can be dependent on the opinions of other schools and recruiters. Stern junior Shaneil Mehta, who is also Vice President of Student Relations on the Stern Student Council, can speak volumes about the reputable programs offered and the business school’s growing success.

“When I was applying to colleges, Stern was outside the top 10,” Mehta said. “In such a short time, the staff here, especially Dean Menon and the [Office of Student Engagement], were able to turn around not only the academic but the social aspect. We also have professors who can supplement our non-academic lives, and that’s a huge testament to the fact that Stern is a well-rounded college.”

LS sophomore Natalie Totonchy added that the close-knit nature of the business school helps foster growth and promotes other schools as well.

“The sense of community that Stern has within itself allows it to be this successful,” Totonchy said. “As for NYU as a whole, the rankings help bring more attention to the institution.”

Students enrolled in other schools at NYU are also reaping the benefits of having access to a top undergraduate business school. Gallatin freshman Selam Gashaw plans to further her concentration in international business by taking classes at Stern.

“I’m studying international affairs with a twist of international business and child development so to know that I have the opportunity to go to Stern is amazing,” Gashaw said. “It’s really cool to be in a school based in the city, and knowing that it’s good with business is a double-whammy because you can be one foot in the business world and one foot in a really good education without having to compromise either option.”

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