‘Girl Code’ diminishes its shine when live


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Girl Code Live started on MTV on August 31st.

Allison Stubblebine, Entertainment Editor

It would seem that experiencing “Girl Code,” an MTV show known for its hilarious witticisms, would only be improved live. However, without the help of editors, it becomes apparent just how much of the cast’s rambling ends up on the cutting room floor. MTV’s new, live version of “Girl Code” just goes to show that not everything is better live.

Cast members Awkwafina, Nessa and Carly Aquilino joined guest Kelly Osbourne to discuss the MTV Video Music Awards on location in California, moving to their home base in Times Square for the next episode. As each topic was introduced, it became horribly obvious how little substance each hostess had to discuss.

A main discussion point of the evening was the beef between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. Not surprisingly, every girl agreed cordially with Minaj and Cyrus, sidestepping the sometimes gritty charm that Girl Code is known for. Maybe it was the onset audience, or maybe it was the fact that the individual interviews were removed, but even as “Girl Code Live” talked about amusing topics such as men crying, the popular rapport disappeared in this new, open-audience setting. The sisterly intimacy audiences expect from “Girl Code” was erased.

However, the most delightful part of the night had to be Osbourne’s segment. She was the closest anyone could get to what audience members love about “Girl Code,” pulling a dog waste bag out of her sparkly motorcycle jacket mid-episode, and admitting to being terrified as she danced on stage with Nick Cannon.

Despite the hiccups, “Girl Code Live” did not stray too far from what fans hoped it would be. In a display of girl power and confidence, they reinforced positive body image with good humor and self-confidence motioning toward her butt, Nessa stated, “This is all real, and it’s all French fries.”

Hopefully, the shortcomings of “Girl Code Live” were only a case of the pilot episode blues. Creating a live version of “Girl Code” sounds incredible on paper, but the premiere was less than expected from the hype. Fans can at least look forward to more celebrity guests in the upcoming episode.

“Girl Code Live” shows on Mondays on MTV at 10:30 p.m.

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