Turn your hangover into a makeover

David Bologna, Beauty and Style

Falling just in time with the crux of sweater season is the beginning of both school and unruly social gatherings. Whether you’re a returner or a first-timer, chances are you’ll be rolling out of bed from the night before, but it’s never been easier to dress yourself for the daunting sensation of migraines and nausea you might endure throughout that 9:30 a.m. lecture.

Thanks  to a new trend with roots in Japan and Korea, an aesthetic devoted to hangover chic has been on the rise in the world of beauty. The primary component of this look is an added puffiness to the eye. If you’ve already slept in your makeup or see giant circles beneath your beaten lids, you’re halfway there. Use a dark eye shadow in the crease beneath the eye then blend with a light shade of blush in the same area for an added look of “I woke up like this.”

Rather than succumb to the world of real pants, take advantage of this spring’s trends while you still can. Oversized and on the rise, the culotte is a go-to piece for the inner pant revolutionary in all. With a dramatic wide leg and midi cut, the culotte in any shade of blue — or of course black — pairs perfectly with an oversized solid tee and a white sneaker.

With similar T-shirt pairing powers, embrace the breeze with a pair of shredded jeans. While denim bottoms used to refer exclusively to the cut known as “skinny,” the time has come to put that behind us and move onward to a less restraining cut. Take a tip from the boyfriend jean and don a ripped straight leg cut that will keep things cool as you weave the ways of both campus and city.

Hair is never an issue in a hangover chic aesthetic. Whether it’s down and frizzy, bunned and unruly, or just plain awful, a few extra accessories can hide the hurt of a bad hair day. A backwards snapback in black is a topper of all trades while the plight of the wide-brimmed hipster hat still carries through as an old reliable hair-hider.

Louis Vuitton showed a daring new take on the statement earring by proving that only one is enough. If you already lost an earring to the dancefloor, you’re in luck. With a long dangling piece on just one ear, a bold and beautiful pop of style is both effortless and the secret ingredient for a stylishly hot mess.

Finally, tell the world that you aren’t the only one in need of electrolyte replenishment as you don a pair of reflective lenses. In any shade of warm gold, cool silver or blue, a reflective lens is the first choice of all hungover style icons. Not only does the sporty detail of the lens amp up any look, it also deflects any negative judgements right back at the accuser — most likely another party animal just jealous of your post-mortem chic.

A version of this article appeared in the Saturday, August 29 print edition. Email David Bologna at [email protected]