Dormspiration: Dorm decorating tips

Decorating your dorm can be a daunting task. And with all of the rules and regulations regarding what we can and cannot hang on the walls, creativity is necessary.

Since it is difficult to hang picture frames on the walls without nailing them, a simple solution is washi tape. You simply tape the pictures to the wall with regular tape. Then create a border around the photos to create the illusion of colorful frames.

Another way to display your photos is with a large empty oversized frame. You can paint the frame whatever color you would like to match the color scheme of your room, and you can find large, empty frames at any craft store. Then tape string or wire in rows to the back of the frame. Once secured, hang photos using paper clips or colorful clothes pins.

A different use for a large empty frame is as a display for your accessories. As described above, paint it whatever color you wish and tape string or wire in rows throughout. Then hang sunglasses or earrings on the rows. It will look minimalistic and chic.


Communication is key with your roommate and suitemates. An easy way to keep track of everyone’s schedules or write simple reminders or a grocery list is a dry erase board. Buy a simple frame from a craft store and select a scrapbook sheet of paper that you like. Put this sheet of paper in the frame and there you have it — a DIY dry erase board. Special tip: buy several scrapbook sheets that will fit the frame and switch them out whenever you are bored of the old one.

There is never a more crucial time to have goals and aspirations than in college, so create an inspiration board. Grab a cork board of your liking and display anything that inspires you, from places you wish to travel to or a job you see yourself having after graduating.

Finally, every NYU student has millions of entertainment options at his or her fingertips. Whether it’s Broadway shows, Brooklyn Nets tickets or a NYU play, you will surely accumulate myriad ticket stubs over your four years here. Purchase a shadow box at a craft store and some black paint, and write a quote or “admit one” at the top of the shadow box. Now you have created not only a creative display for all of the events you have attended but also a tidy way to keep all of your ticket stubs.

A print version of this article appeared in the Food and Fun Guide. Email Gabriella Bower at [email protected]



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