UNICEF@NYU’s Water Week to raise awareness of water crisis


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UNICEF @ NYU is hosting water week to spread awareness on safe water access and sanitation facilities. They report that 748 million people do not have access to clean water.

Lingyi Hou, Staff Writer

UNICEF@NYU will host its second annual Water Week, which acts as an extension of UNICEF’s World Water Week 2015 held during the week of March 22 in celebration of the United Nations’ World Water Day. The week-long event from April 20-24 is also part of UNICEF USA’s Tap Project, a nationwide campaign that provides children in poorer parts of the country with access to safe, clean water. 

UNICEF@NYU president and Stern junior Alicia Tan said the event serves to raise awareness about the water crisis throughout the world, a topic she said receives little attention.

“We hope to pinpoint students’ attention to the water issue through these events,” Tan said. “Students may never know how many people around the world are living without accessible water. A survey found that 748 million children in the world lack clean drinking water nowadays. We hope through our advocacy, more students can think about how we can help as college students.”

UNICEF@NYU will feature three events throughout the week not only to direct focus to the issue, but also to highlight how to help improve the crisis.

A UNICEF fellow talk with Shehab Chowdhury will be held on April 22 from 5-6 p.m. in Kimmel 904. As UNICEF USA’s community engagement fellow, Chowdhury will share past experiences to raise awareness on children’s rights and other global issues. Chowdhury will focus on UNICEF’s current actions to provide children with clean water around the world. 

The talk will follow a bake sale in the Kimmel Center for University Life on April 21 which will raise funds for UNICEF to deliver clean water to families living in impoverished regions.

As the final event, UNICEF@NYU will launch Dirty Water Display on April 24 in Washington Square Park to bring attention to the need of clean water and sanitation through a display of dirty water at the park.

Stern freshman and club member Erin Line said she is proud to play a role in helping alleviate the issue.

“UNICEF stands for world change, and has feasible, attainable goals like providing clean water for children,” Line said. “Each member has the ability to spread awareness that many children suffer malnutrition and do not even have clean water to drink.”

A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, April 16 print edition. Email Lingyi Hou at [email protected].