Students disappointed by housing selection

Alex Bazeley, Deputy News Editor

In the wake of a hectic housing selection week, some NYU students have been left wondering where they will live next year.

Due to limited housing space, some students who attempted to select their on-campus housing for the coming school year were left only with the option to live in Brooklyn, while some received no housing assignment.

Those looking for guaranteed housing for the upcoming school year are required to fill out the housing application and make a non-refundable and non-transferrable $1000 deposit. This year, students became eligible to choose their housing starting March 30. Rising sophomores tended to have the highest priority while rising seniors had the lowest.

However, some students who received a Friday selection time opened up the housing portal to find that their only option was the Clark Street Residence Hall in Brooklyn — not the preferred choice for many students at the Washington Square Park campus. Those with the latest selection time found they were unable to select any option.

Students who faced this dilemma received an email from housing services notifying them that, if Clark Street was unavailable, they would be assigned housing over the summer.

“Administrative assignments will be made over the summer after cancellations are processed and will be based on the preferences students submit,” the email reads. “Though we cannot guarantee specific assignments, we have had past success in meeting most students’ preferences.”

Steinhardt sophomore Chelsea Lim, whose selection time was Friday, was left with few available options and said she is considering withdrawing her housing application.

“I am worried about housing next year, as almost all the dorms have been filled up before I had a chance to choose my preference,” Lim said. “Although I’m hoping that I can be assigned to a housing choice that I prefer, I’m currently debating whether I should search for an apartment instead.”

Shortage of housing is not a new problem for NYU. With the ongoing renovation of Hayden Residence Hall throughout the 2014-2015 school year, some students were placed in the Manhattan Affinia Hotel — an option that will remain open for the coming year.

Steinhardt sophomore Roger Wu, a student from Taiwan, had a late selection time and was placed on a housing waitlist as a result. Wu expressed his dismay for the system which puts international students at a disadvantage.

“I just think it’s ridiculous that international upperclassmen have abysmally late room selection times if they choose not to live in special interest housing,” Wu said. “It’s harder for international students to find off-campus housing and considering the fact that international students do not depend on the school for financial aid, we should have a bigger say as to where we want to live.”

NYU hopes to address the housing shortage as a part of its 2031 expansion plan.

CAS freshman Brennan Wakey had a Monday selection time, but a glitch in the system didn’t allow him to select a housing space until Friday. He was ultimately placed in Brooklyn housing, and said he is doing what he can to adjust his situation.

“I immediately submitted a request to change my room to one of the other dorms,” Wakey said. “But I’ll probably end up just biting the bullet, canceling my housing and getting an apartment.”

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, April 6 print edition. Email Alex Bazeley at [email protected]