The Weekend: April 3-5

Marina Zheng, Features Editor

For those of us who are convinced that spring is never going to make it to the east coast this year, the Weather Channel has some slightly uplifting news. Despite the likelihood of rain and high winds this weekend, temperatures have finally escalated into the 60s and that, in and of itself, is reason to celebrate with some outdoor activities this weekend.

Chocolate Tasting at Barnes & Noble

Free chocolate. Need we say more? Ok, well if we must, we would like to add that Prestat  — the Royal Chocolatiers to Her Majesty the Queen and the source of inspiration for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” — will offer free samples at various Barnes & Noble locations in New York City to showcase their Easter offerings. If red velvet truffles or dark chocolate sea salt caramel truffles are not appealing enough, then maybe the fact that they are free will offer more of an incentive.

10th Annual New York Pillow Fight Day

Hundreds will gather in Washington Square Park this Saturday to live out the their childhood dreams of participating in the most epic pillow fight in New York City. It is time to take the pillow you have been hibernating on all winter and put it to some good use. Rules? There are none, aside from the practical ones that include taking off glasses beforehand and avoiding an attack on a unsuspecting photographer. Pajamas are encouraged but not necessary — keep this in mind if you’re planning on attending the after-party hosted by The Wick in Brooklyn.

Easter Parade / Free Ice Skating @ Rockefeller Center

Skating in The Rink at Rockefeller Center is as cliché as eating a hot dog with an “I Love NY” sweatshirt on. How touristy, right? That is, until it is free. Even the most stubborn New Yorkers are not immune to a good deal. This Sunday, put on your cheekiest bonnet in celebration of Easter and head over to the rink. The first 25 skaters to show up with a hat on will enjoy a round of free skate rentals. Considering the fact that the Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue will only be steps away, we assure you that your festive assemble will not be all that out of place.

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