Staff Recommendations: Class registration

WSN Staff

With registration approaching for the Fall 2015 semester, the WSN staff recommends influential NYU courses to take.

Visible and Invisible Cities

While I have often heard Texts and Ideas described awfully, I really enjoyed my class, Visible and Invisible Cities with professor Virginia Cox. Perhaps it is because I was interested in the subject matter, but I thought the lectures were engaging and Cox was very enthusiastic. More importantly, there was not too much work — a good bit of reading, of course, but not an overwhelming amount. Except for a couple of projects outlined on the syllabus, the class had only a one-page writing assignment every two to three weeks. The class did have a midterm and a final, but they were highly interpretive, so it was based much more on understanding the ideas expressed in the texts than on memorizing details and dates. The class is a good, engaging way to get one of your Core Curriculum requirements out of the way. –Dana Brown, Copy Editor

American Narratives I

American Narratives I, taught by George Shulman, is great if you are looking for a Gallatin seminar to take. The class deals with how literature impacts and also reflects American societal norms. A huge portion of the class was spent reading “Moby-Dick,” which I was never too inclined to read on my own, but Shulman made everyone so excited to discuss it. The class requires a lot of  reading, but our in-class discussions were some of the most interesting ones I’ve ever been a part of. –Hannah Treasure, Digital Director


This course is one of the best electives offered for biology majors, and the one that taught me the most. Immunology connects a lot of what bio majors learned in Molecular and Cell Biology with human diseases, and introduces new concepts about the human immune system and pathogens that are typically left out of general classes. While the class is at 8 a.m., it meets only once a week on Wednesdays and professor Carol Shoshkes Reiss keeps it interesting enough to warrant staying awake. Immunology is a prerequisite for other interesting courses like Virology and Hot Topics in Infectious Diseases, which Reiss also teaches. –Tess Woosley, Opinion Editor

International Music Business Marketplace

A course through the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Education music business program, International Music Business Marketplace examines different global music markets. Professor Sam Howard-Spink teaches the course, which can be used to fulfill music business majors’ requirements and the business of entertainment, media and technology minor. Besides just filling requirements, it is a great way to educate yourself about the music industry outside of only looking at the United States’ market, as the class learns about markets in areas such as Brazil, Canada and the United Kingdom. As far as coursework is concerned, International Music Business Marketplace does have a midterm, which is predominantly writing-based, along with a handful of assignments along the way, including a final paper. –Alexa Spieler, Arts Editor

A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, April 2 print edition.