Restaurants use toast in new, adventurous ways


Megan Chung

Le Pain Quotidien’s Hummus & Shaved Vegetable Tartine.

Dhriti Tandon, Staff Writer

Avocado toast is a favorite brunch special for many New Yorkers, but a number of eateries are beginning to put a new spin on the breakfast staple, using other ingredients such as butternut, ricotta, beef and beets as toppings.

Butternut squash on toast

ABC Kitchen, 35 E. 18th St.

ABC Kitchen’s Butternut Squash Toast is a new take on the standard toasted bread. The earthy flavor of squash is coupled with creamy ricotta and fresh mint. The addition of maple syrup adds a tinge of sweetness to the dish. Though the toast is a customer favorite, keep in mind that it tends to be a bit oily.

Roast beef on toast

The Copenhagen, 13 Laight St.

The Copenhagen has introduced New York City to Danish open-faced sandwiches called smørrebrød. This dish usually consists of a piece of buttered rye or brown bread topped with cold cuts of meat, fish or cheese. The Copenhagen offers this delicacy in six varieties such as chicken salad, roast beef and salmon. Although all these varieties have something unique and special to offer, the roast beef smørrebrød is the most highly recommended. The roast beef smørrebrød is comes with crispy onions, fresh parsley and a flavorful remoulade. The sophisticated presentation of the smørrebrøds adds to their overall appeal.

Ricotta and figs on toast

Bar Primi, 325 Bowery

Mirroring toast topped with creamy avocado, Bar Primi offers smooth ricotta on toast. To balance the creaminess of the ricotta, the dish also incorporates some acidity from figs and some sweetness from Sardinian honey. As this restaurant is not far from campus, students can enjoy the $10 ricotta toast at Bar Primi any time of the week and for any meal.

Pickled beets and ricotta on toast

Charlie Bird, 5 King St.

For a healthy breakfast option, consider heading to Charlie Bird, where they top their toast with cheese and beets. One of Charlie Bird’s most popular dishes is the Stracciatella Cheese Toast with pickled beets. The dish also works in flavors from mustard, fennel, cardamom and red chili flakes. Available for $10 at the restaurant, the recipe for this dish is also readily available on the Internet.

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