Show highlights other side of Stern students

Natalia Barr, Contributing Writer

Stern School of Business is often entirely characterized by career-driven, suit-wearing students. But at the Second Annual Stern Art Gallery, these students prove that they can be artists too.  This year’s gallery is co-sponsored by Trip of a Lifetime, an organization created by NYU Stern alumnus Stan Rosenberg that grants underprivileged students summer travel experiences. The gallery will be on display in Kimmel Galleries from April1 to April 30.

Stern senior Tolga Goff, who has previously used only Instagram to display his photography, will showcase his artwork in a physical space for the first time at Stern Art Gallery. Although he has only been actively photographing for about a year, Goff has gained over 1,300 followers on the app, becoming serious about his pursuit of photography in the process.

“It’s great when I get it out there and get a good reaction,” Goff said. “I love it.”

The finance and marketing student submitted three photos entitled “Ride Safely,” “Cherry on Top” and “Took a Bite Out of Summer.” All three brightly colored photos show objects held in front of quintessentially New York City backgrounds.

Though Stern sophomore Stacy Chen majors in finance and marketing, she originally planned on applying to art school. Her passion for art is now reflected in her studio art minor. For the gallery, Chen submitted a piece called “Food Chain,” which consists of five paper panels that each focus on a specific level in the food chain.

“The heavy contrast between the Decomposer panel and the rest of the panels represents the uniqueness and importance of the destructive aspect of the food chain,” Chen said. “The gallery gives us the chance to revisit not only our art pieces, but also ourselves as artists.”

Stern sophomore Elijah Millen has taken photos and videos since high school but it was not until last fall, when he studied abroad in Prague and traveled through Europe, that he realized he had a passion for art.

“During the trip, I discovered that my camera is my best friend,” Milen said.

Millen’s photos, which he treats as still frames from movies, will make their public debut at Stern Art Gallery. His first submission, entitled “Barceloneta,” is of a topless woman smoking on the beach in Barcelona.

His second submission, “Königsee,” shows a boat on the Königsee lake in Germany set against the Berchtesgaden Alps.

“Since all of my other trips have been to major cities, this last one was quite liberating,” Millen said.

Stern Art Gallery will present the NYU community with a unique opportunity to appreciate the creativity of their usually business-like classmates.

“A lot of the students at Stern are super talented at things other than finance, and for whatever reason people like to downplay this,” Millen said. “Talent is talent. Stern and Tisch are just labels to play up or down on people’s egos.”

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, March 30 print edition. Email Natalia Barr at [email protected]