Junior shares advice for finding apartments

Dhriti Tandon, Staff Writer

Steinhardt junior Nisha Chojar’s apartment is creatively reflective of her comfortable, home-styled living. Unlike New York City’s characteristically cramped apartments,  Chojar’s apartment welcomes visitors with ample space and organized
furniture placement.

Although finding an apartment in New York City can be hectic, Chojar’s experience was easier than usual. She got a two-bedroom apartment through a New York City broker with a rent that is below $3,000 per month.

“We used a broker, called them and told them our budget and our parameters,” Chojar said. “We met them at a weekend morning and signed everything that morning itself. We just got really, really lucky.”

Chojar admits that the process of moving in is difficult in and of itself. Finding good quality yet inexpensive furniture also proved to be a challenge. Chojar used budget-friendly furniture stores such as Ikea and Target to purchase fundamental furniture, including a couch, desk and bed. 

“Ikea and Target are good places to get apartment furniture,” Chojar said. “There are certain days when these stores provide student discounts, which is when students could get good deals on furniture prices.”

For Chojar, having the freedom to decorate your own space is the best thing about owning an apartment. Chojar and her roommate are both hardcore Beatles fans, and the apartment reflects their taste with the abundance of Beatles posters adorning its colorful walls. 

“My roommate and I both have a ton of pictures,” Chojar said. “We both really like colors and have decorated our place with things like tapestries and lights.”

Chojar advises other students looking for apartments to consult websites such as CitySpade, Trulia and Apartable.

“CitySpade is really good, it was actually developed by an NYU student,” Chojar said. “There’s also a really good Facebook group called Housing at NYU for people looking for apartments in New York City. It’s just filled with people advertising apartments and moving out of their old places.”

Chojar’s conveniently located building also has its own laundry room, which she believes is one of the greatest perks an apartment building in New York City could offer. She also says that she has definitely found more peace in her off-campus apartment than a college dorm.

“Being older, I definitely wanted an apartment,” Chojar said. “We have a kitchen, so we can cook and just generally be more independent with our lifestyle. Dorms were distracting when everyone is hanging around, and I believe apartments are quieter.”

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, March 23 print edition. Email Dhriti Tandon at [email protected].