Rolling in the dough


Sang Bae

Peanut Butter & Co. serves up a cookie-dough-inspired sandwich.

Lingyi Hou, Contributing Writer

Everyone has fond memories of sneaking a spoonful or two of raw cookie dough. New York City offers spots where you can enjoy the taste of cookie dough without having to test your baking skills — or risk getting salmonella. Check out these retailers that cookie dough fans shouldn’t miss.

The Cookie Dough Cafe

For the ultimate cookie dough lover, the Cookie Dough Cafe sells gourmet cookie dough both online and through local retailers. Their cookie dough is ready-to-eat, as it does not contain eggs. Though the dough cannot be baked, you can pair it with ice cream or enjoy it straight from the jar.

The company’s flavors include chocolate chip, cookies and cream and naked dough. The retailer nearest to NYU is Tan & White Market located at 130 Bleecker St.

Cookie DO NYC

Cookie DO is an online store based in New York City that serves gourmet dough that can be eaten raw, baked or customized in a personal tub. Pasteurized egg substitute is swapped for eggs, making it safe to eat raw. To enjoy it in its ready-to-eat state, mix it into ice cream or bake it halfway.

Made with high quality ingredients and no preservatives, DO has 20 handcrafted flavors including both classic cookie favorites as well as seasonal offerings. Their current seasonal flavors are gluten-free butterfinger blondie, bourbon bacon chocolate chip and St. Patrick’s Day cake batter. They also offer gluten-free and vegan options.


Schmackary’s, a cookie shop located at 362 W 45th St., serves cookies in more than 65 unique flavors and uses natural, gourmet ingredients. Its cookie dough-flavored cookie is a modern version of the classic childhood treat. The cookie is topped with a cream cheese frosting that adds additional flavor to the buttery cookie. Next time you are in Times Square, don’t hesitate to swing by the shop.

Peanut Butter & Co.

If you like peanut butter and cookie dough, consider stopping by Peanut Butter & Co., at their 240 Sullivan St. location, just a few blocks from the Kimmel Center for University Life. The restaurant is close enough to campus that you can swing by between classes for lunch. Their cookie dough surprise sandwich, which includes peanut butter, vanilla cream cheese and chocolate chips, will surprise you with how much it tastes like the real thing.

Public House

Public House, located at 140 E. 41st St., offers a signature dessert called the cookie dough smash. A chocolate chip cookie is partially baked and topped with vanilla ice cream. Its rich and creamy flavor makes it a standout on the dessert menu, and the perfect indulgence for serious cookie dough lovers.

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