Mauro Gasperi Fall/Winter 2015

David Bologna, Staff Writer

While everything’s coming up strawberry fields, Mauro Gasperi is busy reflecting on a rather nostalgic decade for some generations — the early 2000s. While not literal, the nod to the decade of Disney Channel was most provocative in faux fur coats and hybrid pleather-latex jackets and skirts.

But how could the days of Xenon be renewed without seeming totally bogus? A restrained yet chic color scheme of black, white and muted lavender grey did the trick. While a pair of printed pink coats made an appearance, it threw off the feel of the collection. All focus could be given to the metallic embossed safety pins enlarged on black sweaters alongside fur trimmed coats of the black or lavender grey pleather-latex combination.

Another of this season’s motifs was a multi-metallic embossed rose printed on loose-fitted pants (somehow capturing the 2000s reinvention of 70s disco), cozy cotton sweaters, and leather totes in pink and black. More pedestrian than couture, Mauro Gasperi is finding his way bit by bit. The rose motif, Gasperi noted, was a symbol of both femininity and minimalism with the flower encapsulating both qualities simultaneously.

While minimalism may not be the most precise word to define this Fall/Winter 2015 collection, it sure describes the way in which Gasperi captured the hearts of every Judge Trudy fan.

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