Kristina Ti Fall/Winter 2015

David Bologna, Staff Writer

Young, carefree and chic perfectly describe Kristina Ti’s Fall/Winter 2015 season. Attesting to this were countless mid-20 year old fashionistas seated here, seated there and standing everywhere for the Milanese runway show from the Turinese designer Christina Tardito. While this season’s aesthetic cannot be pinned to a single decade or a single style as other shows may, Tardito’s collection of easy and ultra-modern clothes were nevertheless a must-have for the young at heart.

Beginning with an oversized olive and black plaid coat, models donned countless versions of the trendy pattern displayed in tweed shorts, matching tweed blazers and simultaneously western-themed dresses. Paired with a metallic black and gold striped blouse or short — a la Saint Laurent — the plaid was given an air of modernity missing from some of the more literal nods to the decade of disco.

Perhaps one of the most unique designs was Tardito’s romper with its external pocket flaps and high cinched waistband. Another noteworthy piece was the two-toned coat of neon green wool and black sheepskin fur. Always featuring some sort of neon in her collections, Tardito used the neon stronger than most are able to by making the color appear both frivolous and elegant.

The most anticipated pieces for next season’s shoppers are a jeweled t-shirt paired with an asymmetrical skirt. Simple in solid shades of navy blue — the t-shirt — and viridian green — the skirt — this breezy daytime look will ooze casual chic when perfectly paired with a simple bootie, a hipster hat and a fierce fall attitude provided by Kristina Ti.

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