Kiton Fall/Winter 2015

David Bologna, Staff Writer

Effortless is the only word that can perfectly sum up the wardrobe of a Kiton client. This season, that casual, sporty vibe hit Milan with a twist of the 1970s. As a whole, the mood of the 70s — sure to make a comeback this fall — was not one of hippy protests or even flamboyant disco raves. Kiton’s 70s were presented in supple brown and red plaids, beige blouses of silk with muted miniature florals and pantsuits of matching palettes.

The presentation, one of utmost elegance and interest, featured three separately themed rooms. A color mandated each room’s theme with the shades of green, red and blue. In the first room of green, a dazzling silk-lined pantsuit of green velvet demanded attention atop an equally dazzling v-neck blouse complete with a matching, separate ascot. The pants, finished with a tuxedo pant line of an almost lime green, culminated in an irresistible flared bottom to make every Farrah Fawcett fan swoon.

In the red room, a concoction of burnt orange suede was stitched to perfection in a matching shirt and pant combo. Atop the suede pieces, a coat of tufted wool displayed a matching palette of red-orange, beige and black plaid for a return to retro.

In the blue room, a sapphire carpet set the jewel tone for models donning shades of blue. From a glaucous blue lavaliere blouse in silk to a striking navy pantsuit with slim, cropped legs, the blue room presented the perfect ending to a series of suave and chic looks ready to be worn by Annie Hall herself.

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