Bodegas to suit student needs


Sang Bae

Epicurean Market on University Place is one of many bodegas in New York City.

Sang Bae, Deputy Photo Editor

Often found in prime locations next to Halal food carts and late night diners, bodegas are unique city spots that are invaluable to college students. Bodegas combine a grocery store, deli and convenience store into one spot that is open 24 hours a day. Here are a few bodegas near NYU that may just become your go-to spot to grab a late night snack or morning coffee.

Epicurean Market

45 University Place

Space Market is admittedly closer to campus, but if you are looking for cheap prices and a large selection of deli items, the trip to Epicurean Market is worth the longer walk. While Epicurean does not give NYU students a discount, their deli prices make up for it: they offer a tasty and reasonably priced build-your-own salad option for $6.95, a breakfast burrito for under $4 and a pasta combo for under $9. Epicurean Market is a nice neighborhood bodega that has everything you need under one roof.

St. Marks Market

21 St. Marks Place

St. Marks Market is bigger than the average bodega — it is almost the size of a neighborhood supermarket. Fruits and vegetables are stacked in neat rows and shopping carts are available to wheel your items around while you shop. St. Marks also has an extensive range of Asian food. You can find the ingredients to prepare a nice Korean dinner just as easily as the H-Mart up near Herald Square — impressive for any bodega. There is also a good selection of food available to order, including freshly prepared sushi, deli sandwiches and a wide variety of ice cream. St. Marks Market is expensive, but if you want convenient, high-quality food at 3 a.m., it’s the place to go.

Bully’s Deli

759 Broadway

Though it is noticeably more expensive than Epicurean, Bully’s is famous for being a place where President Barack Obama has eaten, making it worth the visit for some. For those sick of eating at McDonald’s and looking for something quick, Bully’s is a good choice. Bully’s surprisingly large menu is available to take out or get delivered through Seamless. Though the prices are expensive and the service can be lackluster at times, their delicious mozzarella sticks and fried goodies, as well as their ability to crank out a walnut banana pancake alongside a grilled chicken Panini, makes Bully’s a
solid option.

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