Castle returns with heavy premiere



The new “Castle” season is well underway.

By Mary Ann Odete , Contributing Writer

The past two Mondays marked the traditional two-part premiere of the not-so-procedural dramedy cop show “Castle.” Answering a question left unresolved at the end of season six episode “Disciple,” this two-parter — “Resurrection,” last week and this week’s “Reckoning” — closed the door on one mystery, but reopened a plot line from earlier this season.

Jerry Tyson has been a threat to the New York Police Department since his entrance in season three. He had a harrowing effect on Castle’s life, tormenting Castle with every disappearance and reappearance, so it is fitting to make Jerry Tyson the subject of this season’s two-parter. “Resurrection” began the two-week event by introducing Tyson, and much of the episode revolved around whether or not a man who looked like Tyson was indeed Tyson. While there was a sense of suspense in the episode, the plot felt a little dry. Since the identity of the indistinguishable person was a central part of the first episode, it would have been more satisfying if there were more twists and turns regarding the identity of Tyson. The driving force of the episode seemed to be the usual cop bureaucracy putting a halt to any progress in establishing Tyson’s identity.

The show often features kidnappings and disappearances, but what made Beckett’s abduction stand out was the intent behind it. Tyson’s partner and romantic interest Kelly Nieman, a plastic surgeon, plans to take Beckett’s face and make it her own — an homage to an episode last season where NYPD look-alikes started appearing. Castle expertly takes care of things with the help of Esposito and Ryan, but the real points go to Beckett. The show took a dark turn regarding Beckett’s escape, and while the actual escape is not shown in full, the before and after is highly graphic and very disturbing for the show’s usual light demeanor.

The main cast always brings their own uniqueness to the show, but since the show has been on for seven seasons, the minor characters allow for a much bigger element of surprise. Michael Mosley deserves praise for his long-running portrayal of Jerry Tyson — alias Triple Killer or 3XK.

Though the show took a more realistic turn with the end of the Tyson arc, it would have been interesting to see a character like Tyson leave with more of a bang. Even though the door to Tyson’s character arc closed, viewers can still look forward to learning what happened to Castle during the two months that he was missing.

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