Marissa Webb Fall/Winter 2015


Marissa Webb’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection was filled with experimental fits and monochromatic ensembles. Each look consisted of several separates with delicate silk fabrics layered underneath. Rather than focusing on statement prints, Webb chose to juxtapose muted and bold colors.

The first set of models rocked soft and vivid shades of grey with a very flattering fit. Outfits of dark army green and black made their way down the runway but were then followed by pinks and cherry reds. This ingenious placement of colors goes to show how any hue can be worn in the fall and winter months.

Every look seemed to be put together with the purpose of dressing the modern woman. A woman constantly on the move who cannot spare time for an outfit change. One look that particularly stood out was a muted grey “vest-dress” paired with flared trousers. Together these pieces are work appropriate, but the vest dress could just as easily be worn alone with tights and boots for a night out.


The coats in this collection dominated. The slimming but heavy wool coats were placed on top of thin feminine pieces, as were the trench coats. The collection also experimented with fit by pairing delicate tops with flared trousers. Overall, Marissa Webb’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection exudes modern femininity, displaying how women can simultaneously be tough and delicate.

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