Single vs Taken

Kendall Levison, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day can be stressful for anyone, regardless of their relationship status. If you are currently dating, there is a lot of pressure to make the night special. If you are not seeing someone, then the holiday seems to exist only to reinforce that fact. But since food makes everything better, here is a menu that everyone can enjoy this Feb. 14 — single or taken.

Dinner – Pizza

What is the worst part of eating pizza with other people? Having to compromise about toppings, which is why pizza for one is truly the greatest kind of pizza. Tired of people saying that fruit on pizza is gross when you want to add pineapple? Now you can make a pizza with nothing but fruit because you’re single. Frustrated that everyone else always wants fancy toppings when you crave just a simple cheese pizza? Pile on the cheese to your heart’s content. The best part is that when you make a pizza just for you, you are actually supposed to eat the whole thing.

Dessert – Cookies

There seems to be a misconception that you need to have a special reason to make cookies, but that is simply not true. Cakes are for parties; cookies can be just for you. Also, cookie dough
freezes perfectly, so try making your favorite kind of dough, scoop it into small balls and then put them on a tray and freeze until solid. Then transfer them into a plastic bag and stash them in the freezer for up to three months. You can either bake a few at a time straight from the freezer, or grab one to snack on when the cookie-dough craving hits.

Dinner – Homemade Pizza

Making dinner together might sound kitschy, but it is guaranteed to be more fun than braving packed restaurants on Valentine’s Day. You can buy pizza dough and sauce at the store, or make them at home for an all-day experience. Homemade dough might sound scary, but it is actually pretty easy to make because it only takes a few simple ingredients. You also have to wait for the dough to rise, which gives you and your significant other time for other V-Day activities. Lastly, it is almost impossible to make homemade pizzas perfectly round, so do not even try. Instead, make them into imperfect but adorable hearts.

Dessert – Cookie Dough

For many people, Valentine’s Day is synonymous with fancy desserts like soufflé and crème brûlée. Nothing, however, is really better than your favorite type of cookie, fresh out of the oven. Your significant other might prefer to eat the cookie dough without even bothering with the oven, but if deciding between warm cookies and cookie dough is the biggest fight the two of you have, then you are definitely winning on Valentine’s Day.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Feb. 10th print edition. Email Kendall at [email protected].