Same price, different slice


Calvin Falk

Don’t be fooled by its name: the crust on the one dollar slices at Krust on 14th Street stops it from being the best pizza it can be. Don’t be fooled by its name: the crust on the one dollar slices at Krust on 14th Street stops it from being the best pizza it can be.

Amanda Morris, Staff Writer

Dollar pizza is an iconic solution for those who are stripped of cash and looking for a bite to eat. It may not always be the most gourmet pizza the city has to offer, but for the price of a dollar, it is surprisingly tasty. WSN reviewed a few nearby dollar pizza places where you can find a slice with the most bang for your buck.

2 Bros. Pizza:
32 St. Marks Place

Be warned — this pizza place charges tax, so what seems like one dollar pizza really becomes one dollar and some odd cents.  The extra few cents are well worth it. This pizza was the best of the three restaurants WSN sampled, and is a five-minute walk from Washington Square Park. This pizza’s best quality is its crust — delectably doughy with a satisfying crunch. As for the rest of the pizza, the sauce is somewhat generic, as is typical with one-dollar pizza. The pizzas are smothered in gooey cheese, making them taste that much better. Overall, this is better than the pizza you can get in Palladium or Kimmel and is always served warm. A slice from 2 Bros. is especially worth it if you throw in an extra 50 cents to get mushrooms on top, as the mushrooms add the extra flavor that the sauce lacks. This restaurant location also has a seating area in the back with low tables where you can sit and enjoy their pizza.

99¢ Fresh Pizza:
388 Sixth Avenue

This is a chain pizza place, but the Greenwich Village location is difficult to find, even with the help of a map. It is a cramped restaurant tucked between shops, giving you just enough room to stand in a line and order your pizza. It is truly a “grab and go” location. This pizza tastes similar to 2 Bros. Pizza in many ways, but it falls flat when it comes to the crust. 99¢ Pizza’s crust is crunchier and comes apart like a cracker in your mouth. For this reason, 2 Bros Pizza comes out on top. However, for those who really only have a dollar and no change to spare, 99¢ Pizza really does only cost a dollar.

Krust Pizzeria: 
226 E 14th St

Upon walking in, it is clear that Krust Pizzeria has the best atmosphere of the three places WSN taste-tested. It has a retro, diner-like vibe with high countertops, stools to sit on, and some decorations on the wall. However, despite the superior atmosphere, its pizza is the worst of the three. It has generic sauce like the other two, but doesn’t have enough cheese to make up for the blandness of the sauce. Furthermore, the crust tastes more like a stale bagel than a pizza crust, and the slice in general is too stiff.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Feb. 3rd. print edition. Email Amanda Morris at [email protected]