Super Bowl traditions bring people together

Now that winter break has wrapped up, NYU students are preparing for the rest of the Spring semester. As the burden of classwork approaches, so does Super Bowl XLIX. This highly anticipated game between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots has many NFL enthusiasts at NYU voicing their love for the Super Bowl — not just the game, but the event as a whole.

The Seahawks and the Patriots both had amazing seasons. The Seahawks’ notorious defense, spearheaded by their Legion of Boom secondary, helped Seattle emerge victorious through the grueling NFC West. The Pats, impressive in their own respect,  handled all the top teams in the AFC.

The two coaches, Bill Belichick of the Patriots and Pete Carroll of the Seahawks, come from a defensive background and pride themselves on acquiring draftees with a lot of potential, such as Michael Bennett and Jamie Collins. Although these teams are quite similar, team pride and team hate would lead many to believe otherwise.

Poly junior Peter Griffiths shared what the Super Bowl, and the rest of the NFL season, means to him.


“It’s hard to say what this game means to me,” Griffiths said. “Because all I can think about are the players’ stories. I guess to me it’s about watching people achieve the ultimate success in what they do and appreciating their hard work and dedication. I know I can learn something from them.”

Griffiths, however, is partial to the Seahawks for personal reasons.

“The Patriots need to lose every year so I don’t have to hear their annoying fans,” he said.

There are Seahawk fans that believe the Patriots and their fans complain too much, but there are also fans who dislike the Seahawks, such as Poly freshman Ruhit Roy.

“I respect the Patriots a bit more than I do the Seahawks,” Roy said. “Both franchises did a great job of constructing their teams, but the one issue I have with the Seahawks is that they are too cocky of a team. The Patriots are a more classy organization.”

Both sides have their grudges, but that only serves to make this event the most competitive game of the year. The competitiveness and animosity is what gives the Super Bowl the spirit and hype that it has today. This is what makes it such a momentous event.

The game is not only for die-hard fans, but it’s also for those who want to enjoy the company of others. Poly freshman Nick Velez talked about his Super Bowl traditions.

“To me, it’s about watching a good, exciting game and kicking it with your friends,” Velez said. “That, and wings.”

Watching the Super Bowl is something that people from all different backgrounds can enjoy. The competitiveness of the game, the passion of the fans and the exciting vibes are what we all appreciate.

A version of this article appeared in the Jan. 9 print edition. Email Kevin Tom at [email protected]



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