Fashion integrates tech with accessories

By Avery Chang, Staff Writer

Amid last year’s Google Glass craze, and their recently announced plans to improve the beta Explorer edition for  Google Glass, a flurry of wearable tech pieces have emerged on the market. Although the holiday season has passed, it is not too late to treat yourself to an accessory that offers more than just looks. 

The Microsoft Band


Ditch your pedometer for something a little smarter. This band, simple and sleek, may look rather unassuming at first, but upon slipping it onto your wrist you’ll find the utility of its wealth of features. It has all the features one would expect in a fitness band. It also offers a whole slew of unique features like Microsoft’s voice control Cortana, a GPS system and access to all the notifications you might receive on your phone including texts, emails and calls.



The “wearable” part of wearable tech is easily foregone in favor of packing in advanced technical abilities. Ringly, however, balances wearability and high-tech perfectly to create a great piece of jewelry that syncs up with your phone. In today’s world of meetings, engagements and packed schedules, there can be little time to constantly check your phone for the notifications you really need to see. Connect your phone through Bluetooth with the snazzy cocktail ring that is Ringly and pick out the notifications you want. You’ll know you have an important notification when your ring starts to vibrate or light up — discreetly, of course.



We have all been stranded on campus, far away from home and found our phones at that dreaded one percent battery mark. Sure, you could reach into your backpack and get your charger out. But maybe you forgot it at home and all the outlets in sight are taken by your peers. Well, you can kiss that struggle goodbye when you invest in this nifty bag that doubles as a portable charger. Slip your phone into the hidden pocket charger within the purse, and you are good to go.

A Regular Watch


When you think about it, a regular watch is the original piece of wearable tech. It is easy to be swayed by the niceties of all the smart watches being pushed on us, but sometimes a classic watch is best kind of smart watch. It is stylish and tells you the time of day — what else could you ask for?

A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, Jan. 29 print edition. Email Avery Chang at [email protected]