Best Union Square Holiday Market vendors


Shawn Paik

Amanda Nunnally wires poems together for Pozie Poems.

By Anna Ferkingstad, Staff Writer

Running from Nov. 20 to Dec. 24, the Union Square Holiday Market boasts close to 200 food and novelty stands. Whether it is a sales pitch from a man in a sock monkey onesie or the ramblings of a poet, here are some wacky booths to check out.

Pook (C37)

This stand features socks, hats and gloves, all made from old sock monkey materials. Scour through the sock monkey toys and attire underneath a motor-powered contraption that raises and lowers additional sock monkeys through the air. Whether or not you decide to make a purchase, prepare for display after display, made by the enthusiastic booth worker, of the various uses of the convertible sock monkey hat.

Monkey Business (D19)

If you think you have seen every kind of Christmas ornament, then visit the Monkey Business booth. Hundreds of hand-carved wooden ornaments line every nook and cranny of this four-walled stand. Each delicately hanging bird, bell, pinochi or nearly any figurine you could imagine costs between $5 and $10.

Pozie Poems (A37)

For a dash of creativity or inspiration, take a look at this booth’s several “moving poems.” Hanging from strings, the array of shifting wooden pieces with painted words rotate freely to reveal a new poem every time you look at it. At Pozie Poems, the chalkboard-painted sales counter reads “Give positivity” and “Make the world a better place.” The poems can be purchased pre-made or with personalized words and quotes.

Actual Film Votive (A52)

From “The Wizard of Oz” to “Star Wars,” this stand offers a variety of frames from old-fashioned film reels that are damaged and no longer usable. The cells are attached to glass candle holders, the flame illuminating scenes and characters from one of the 22 films featured. A variety of classics, the films date as far back as “King Kong” (1933) and as recent as “The Polar Express” (2004). Originating as an Etsy account, Actual Film Votive suggests using the $15 film cells for holiday gifts or as souvenirs.

La Muse Kalliope (D21)

For a perfect gift for a young relative or just a little toy to hug, La Muse Kalliope sells several adorable small stuffed animals called musettes. A creative breed of creatures, each musette has its own name and purpose. Some resemble dragons, others unicorns. Painted pastel signs detail how on each stuffed animal you will find either a set of small felt spikes or two ribbons that can be shaped into hearts.

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