Styles for any Thanksgiving occasion

Thanksgiving means friends, family and food. But for some, Thanksgiving may also mean football or freezing at the Macy’s Day Parade for four hours. Regardless of what your Thanksgiving tradition is, there is an outfit for every occasion.

The traditional Thanksgiving dinner is a semi-formal affair. Three-quarter sleeve dresses in rich hues, like dark shades of cranberry and violet, are tame and trendy. Pair these simple dresses with your favorite booties and statement tights such as those with an intricate design or a bold color. Especially on trend for this season is the jumpsuit, which would surely make an impression at dinner. Top with a blazer, and the jumpsuit can be more formal.

If dressing up is not part of your tradition, a dark wash denim and cozy sweater with tall riding boots is casual but cute. A flowy tunic underneath a warm flannel is a simple, mix-matched combination. Tights and Minnetonka boots will finish this look, exuding an effortless chic vibe.

If Thanksgiving day in your house is spent watching football, then wearing leggings is one go-to option. A puffer vest with an oversized long sleeve T-shirt underneath and a patterned scarf is a good way to go. Another look is to pair knee-slit jeans with your favorite football team jersey, and if playing football is a family tradition, this same outfit will suffice.


Those who brave the infamously cold Macy’s Day Parade must do so in apparel prepared to handle the chill. The warmest winter jacket you own is a  must. Complete your outfit with layers, layers and more layers. A couple pairs of tights and leggings under a pair of jeans are crucial. Long sleeve shirts under a sweater or two should be topped off with a cozy scarf. Style underneath the coat is irrelevant — the priority here is warmth. Accessorize with gloves and hats or head-wraps to make a fashion statement. Several pairs of socks and a pair of Sorel boots will complete the look.

Whether your family and friends settle down to have a fancy five-course meal, a simple turkey dinner or a day in front of the television watching football after spending hours at the Macy’s Day Parade, these outfits will equip you to look your best in any situation.

A version of this article appeared in the Nov. 26, 2014 print edition. Email Gabriella Bower at [email protected]



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