Alumna shines as creative director

Aicha Fall, Contributing Writer

Much of the aesthetic of Kith NYC, a multi-faceted brand and sneaker store, comes from its creative director Mellany Sanchez, a Steinhardt alumna in her second year in the position.

Sanchez works behind the scenes with Ronnie Fieg, the shoe designer behind Kith NYC.

“I’ve known Ronnie for a long time. He’s an amazing person,” Sanchez said. “At the office, there is a constant conversation about how to run a business at its best and that’s a huge learning experience. He appreciates my vision and lets me do my thing.”

Kith NYC partners with major labels such as Nike, Converse and New Balance. Sanchez curated and directed photo shoots for the most recent campaign, “Classics.”

The Brooklyn native had done styling and merchandising for J.Crew, Rag & Bone and OAK before she became the creative director at Kith. In 2013, she was approached by Nike to be a part of its ad campaign, which she describes as her first step toward her current successes.

“Having a brand as big as Nike recognize the kind of styling I was into, and the noise I was making via social media with my own personal endeavors was amazing,” Sanchez said. “They were really interested in who I was as a student, online personality and stylist. It was one of the peak moments in feeling like I was doing something right.”

Through her studies in media, culture and communication, Sanchez developed a unique worldview.

“Taking Architecture as Media with professor Erica Robles was the first time I started critically thinking about the world,” Sanchez said. “I feel it is because I went to NYU and studied in a certain way that made me look outward. It gave me the education and confidence to speak on ideas that may be outside of the box.”

Although she lived off campus, Sanchez says the Kimmel  Center for University Life was one of her favorite places to work, and she is still in touch with other NYU alumni such as Matthew Trammel, the current digital director at The Fader magazine.

“I would say [my] biggest accomplishment would be helping take this young New York brand across the world and helping curate the pop-up shops and everything we have done so far,” Sanchez said. “I dream of taking the kind of things that I’m doing for this brand to a bigger brand someday.”

A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, Oct. 30 print edition. Email Aicha Fall at [email protected].