Fashion inspires Halloween costumes


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The Olsen Twins are symbols of high fashion and would make for a trendy couple’s look on Halloween.

As Halloween approaches, high fashion costumes are proving to be easy to create and fun to wear. What better day than Halloween to be avant-garde in style? The nostalgic trend-setter is already contemplating which faux Manolo Blahniks to wear as Carrie Bradshaw, or which oversized sunnies will best present Anna Wintour. Although they are fashion icons, costumes for Bradshaw and Wintour are dated and predictable. To stay fashion-forward for Halloween, make a high-fashion statement with one of these simple looks.

One TV show character many are obsessed with is Olivia Pope of the ABC series “Scandal.” The trendy political crisis manager is said to be the new Carrie Bradshaw. The character’s style is the buzz of the industry and inspires ready-to-wear fashion. Played by Kerry Washington, Olivia evokes presidential chic. To pull off this costume, find the cross between elegant, trendy and office-appropriate. A beige coat, fall gloves, trousers and high heel pumps would do the trick. Add in a watch and tote bag — the bigger the designer the better — for accent. To differentiate between the average business woman walking down the street, commit to being Olivia with side bangs, a blowout and an air of independence.

If you are feeling extra chic this Halloween, look to those who are responsible for worldwide trends. Instead of Anna Wintour, a unique costume for the year is Grace Coddington. A former Vogue model and now its creative director, Coddington is responsible for creating the Vogue look on every page of the publication. Her signature style includes big red hair, a red lip, neutral color clothing and minimal eye makeup. Coddington is simple, so a white button down and black trousers would work well. An added bonus: unlike a Wintour costume, flats are appropriate.

Some of the most entertaining costumes for Halloween come in groups. Charlie’s Angels, the Spice Girls and the cast of Bridesmaids are all crowd-winners for Halloween. For the trendy couple’s look, the perfect pair is Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Although acting as duplicate Michelle Tanners would be fun, the modern-day twins are symbols of high fashion. Their style put into a costume embodies bohemian chic. Oversized knitwear in black or neutral colors, along with massive sunglasses, creates this look. For hair, try the twins’ signature style with either bohemian waves or a low pony.

An easy Halloween costume is a favorite fictional character, Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl. Preppy and feminine, the New York socialite is both recognizable as a costume and wearable for day activities. Essential characteristics of the costume include a skirt or dress with ladylike print, a fitted blazer, tights, flats and the signature headband. Blair’s style is a classy emblem for the ultimate New Yorker.

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