Kabam previews exciting video game apps

Playing video games is a great way to unwind, but not everyone can spend hours on end glued to a controller. Thankfully, Kabam, an Android and iPhone app developer, has created apps for the casual player as well as hardcore gamers. At its most recent gaming demo on Oct. 8, Kabam had an exciting selection of apps to come, as well as new updates to previously released games.

The demo mainly focused on “Marvel Contest of Champions,” a new game based on Marvel comic book characters. The game is meant for fans of the movies or the comics, but it is accessible to all gamers. In the game, the Collector has been hoarding all of the Marvel superheroes. Khan the Destroyer has taken the heroes, who have been turned evil, and made them a part of his army, and it is the player’s duty to gather a small force of his or her own to defeat the supervillains.

In addition to have an engaging story, “Marvel Contest of Champions” has amazing graphics. This combat game utilizes the swipe ability of smart phones and combines it with tapping as a simple alternative to the usual button combinations of console games.

Outside the Marvel universe, there were two demoed games that are based in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth — “The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth” and “Lord of the Rings: Legends of Middle-earth.” “The Hobbit,” a previously released game, follows the plot of the movies, though it came out a bit before the first film. In the game, a player can choose to be either an elf or dwarf and build a kingdom in Middle-earth. Players can defend Middle-earth by making alliances with other players and groups. For big fans of the films and games, Kabam will release another extension pack when the final movie comes out.


“The Hobbit” game is for the engaged and serious gamer, but “Lord of the Rings” is a nice bridge for the casual gamer to step into committed gaming. Gamers build a fellowship and travel through Middle-earth, following the storyline of the film trilogy. “Lord of the Rings: Legends of Middle-earth” may be a little slow and simple for someone who wants more involvement but, for casual gamers, “Lord of the Rings” is just right.

Another game presented at the demo was “Moonrise,” a highly customizable game that appeals to both the casual and dedicated gamer. In the game, the players explore the realm and convert evil creatures called Lunari back to their non-evil state, Solari. These creatures can then be added to a personal team to aid in combat. Each time a new game is started, the various creatures change, making it impossible to play through the same game twice.

“Creature Academy,” a cross between “Diablo” and “Pokémon” and based on a popular Korean game, was also featured. Players go through various levels attacking monsters, finishing each level when the boss is killed. It is a fairly simple game and is aimed at the casual gamer.

Kabam’s “Spirit Storm” is engaging and similar to “Creature Academy,” but is more on the skill level of “Moonrise.” The goal is to level up and enhance the player’s character with powerful spirits.

Though the games presented seem at first to appeal to more committed gamers, many are accessible to players of all experience levels.  With the current success of Kabam’s games, it is likely that these will be hits as well.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Oct. 21st print edition. Email Mary Ann Odete at [email protected]



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