NYFW tips from WSN staff


WSN Staff

Here’s how the WSN editors prepped last week for New York Fashion Week coverage.

Ariana DiValentino

Social Media Editor

“I think a good cat-eye polishes [the look] off. That’s probably my number one when I want to look fashionable. I’m into highlighter; I’ve been using Benefit. It’s good, especially for fashion week when you’re possibly putting it on at 9 a.m. and may not have the time to go to the bathroom and touch it up.”

Valentina Bojanini

News Editor

“I wanted to take advantage of fashion week as a space to play with clothing and the versatility of clothing…I had a cool headpiece, some awesome giant sunglasses and heels. I just celebrated the fact that it was a space where I could do that without people thinking it’s strange.”

Dana Reszutek

Managing Editor

“I follow suit with the editors of major publications — usually minimalistic, low-key look. I went for a fresh-faced look. I went with a sleek high ponytail — it always looks good, if you’re going for a simple, classic style.”

Emily Bell

Managing Editor

“When I realized I’d have to be maneuvering and standing in a crowd of photographers, I decided to change my outfit because I wasn’t going to have a seat…I also accessorized minimally because I knew I was going to be taking photos and I didn’t want long earrings getting caught on anything.”

Cicek Erel

Web Managing Editor

“Especially for someone like Betsey Johnson, I think you’re supposed to have fun. [I wore] a bright pink shirt and a white patent leather skirt — something more out there. I found a vintage bag — it looked like candy!”

David Bologna

Beauty & Style Editor

“There’s a show that [I wore] all black for: a black boatneck tank, black high-waisted really long A-line pants…and giant four-inch platform, ’70s disco heels. The thing I think people don’t realize about black is that it can still be very elevated: it eliminates color so that you can focus more on shape and accessories.”

By WSN Staff