Art Hearts Fashion Spring/Summer 2015

On the final day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Lincoln Center celebrated another successful season with eight memorable collections.

Mister Triple X

Mister Triple X, to say the least, bared it all for fashion.  The male models were adorned in S&M leather straps and revealing shorts or harem pants.  With muscles bulging and v-cuts ever present, the “Misters” looked as if they had been snatched from a Chippendale show. As for the women, the jumpsuits and shorts were nothing short of flashy in a valley girl meets infamous Bunny Ranch employee.  The crowd cheered on as internet famous, ex-military model and amputee Alex Minsky strutted down the runway in a tropical print shirt and short set.  The show was racy and high energy which made for a great opener to the multi designer lineup.

Control Sector


Control Sector is the Urban Outfitter clientele’s high fashion daydream. With minimalist designs only using black, white, and shades of gray, it was hard not to spot a piece that would be left unwanted on the runway.  To the crowd’s delight, model Shaun Ross opened the show.  The most notable pieces were the bombers and the thin parkas that moved with the wind as if a high power fan caused the effect. Control Sector’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection was certainly for the Williamsburg hipster or the Bay Area commoner.

Gregorio Sanchez

Gregorio Sanchez started his show with bright, embroidered trousers paired with a cropped blazer, and bright fuchsia top. The eccentric colors continued throughout the collection, which was inspired by Mexico, India, and Bali. Models wore their hair in a sleek bun and eclectic, vibrant jewelry pieces. Some statement necklaces included references to the Day of the Dead. The collection ended with a high necked, flowing, floral print gown. Sanchez’s overall Spring/Summer 2015 collection was sophisticated, classy, yet playful.


This ready-to-wear collection expanded on the designer’s ethnic inspiration by paying homage to the Aztec and Masai civilizations. In addition to the geometric patterns, the collection involved animals. Images of elephants and gorillas were printed on fabrics and used to add more interest. The models’ multiple braids and exaggerated eye makeup added to the ethnic flair, as did the whimsical mix of prints.

Hallie Sara

The Hallie Sara collection was overall simple and classic, although it also possessed an edge. Classic silhouettes, such as the A-line dress, was modernized by the addition of triangle cutouts along the side. The simple, pulled-back hair and neutral makeup focused the attention on the clothing. The collection used a neutral color palette of greys, browns, and whites with the addition of occasional fur to elevate each look.

Altaf Maaneshia

The use of floral prints and structured fashion mixed with the messy, bird-nest like hair was a nice combination. The collection utilized lines and exaggerated shapes to compliment the female figure. A mix of hard and soft, stiff and draped made each look all the more interesting. The garden inspiration noted in the program was clear from the spring colors of corals to yellows.

Michael Costello

As the lights slightly dimmed, just as the next show was about to start, in the corner of my eye flashed a logo of an “M” and a “T” that could only mean one thing, Michael Costello.  Nothing previously seen of Costello’s work could have prepared one for his latest collection.  The show opened with two creatures standing in the opening of the runway, with head-to-toe glittered zentai costumes.  The show started and the audience was lifted to a heaven of lace, jewels, dark metallic floor length gowns, and full see-through dresses.  Once back to reality, the show was closed by none other than good friend to designer Costello, and Bravo TV hit series “Shahs of Sunset” star, Lily Ghalichi. The concept of high fashion mysticism was executed without flaw.  Be sure to look out for the likes of GaGa and Rihanna to tear up the red carpet in one of Costello’s Spring/Summer 2015 gowns.

Amato Haute Couture

All of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities from Beyoncé to Cher have had their hands on one of Amato’s haute couture designs, and this season’s show displayed exactly why.  Every single gown, without exception, was absolutely stunning.  The theme was “Space Odyssey,” and after viewing this collection, spectators would definitely love to meet the extraterrestrial creatures that dressed that unforgivingly well.  The only colors used were white and a very light bone hue.  Not only were the gowns floor length, but so were the beautiful veils that at times covered antlers and at other times sprouted from exquisite headpieces. Like its theme, these designs were ahead of some of the best couture fashion houses.  Coming right after Costello, Amato’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection was the perfect way to end the Art Hearts Fashion showcase at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014.

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