Vivienne Hu Spring/Summer 2015

Carly Berns

Vivienne Hu knows what women want in their wardrobes. A former investment banker, Hu abandoned a career on Wall Street to pursue her true passion, design. Since her fashion week debut in 2012, she has been successfully channeling the independent, sexy New York woman in her designs. Her Spring/Summer 2015 collection was no different.

The collection was extremely versatile, featuring both light, airy pastels that characterize the playful, soft side of a woman and bold neutrals that designate power and influence.

Although there was a delicate, feminine side to the collection, it certainly did not lack in strength. A play on a wedding dress floated down the runway, complete with the classic satin and lace look with a modern twist. A sky-blue and peach chiffon gown was given a contemporary makeover by the addition of a high-low hem.

The other side of the collection captivated the sexy, independent side of a woman, with bold neutrals, cropped hemlines, and loud prints.

Models rocked slicked back hair and simple booties or heels, allowing the focus of the show to remain on the pieces.

While being able to capture the essence of the many sides of a New York woman is not a new talent of Vivienne Hu’s, her Spring/Summer 2015 collection exceeded well beyond past collections. Through her versatility and ability to cater to a broad spectrum of women, Hu remained true to her classic contemporary roots.

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