NYU launches Albert Mobile


By John Ambrosio, News Editor

Coinciding with the beginning of the new school year, NYU released Albert Mobile, a new version of NYU’s online student center that will make it easier for students to access the site on the go.

Albert Mobile boasts many of the same functions as the full site, but in a streamlined, mobile-friendly package. Using the recently launched site, students can check their schedules, grades and bills, as well as access university calendars, maps and course catalogues.

University Registrar Beth Kienle-Granzo said these features are just the beginning of the school’s plans for Albert Mobile. 

“We’re just in phase one right now,” Kienle-Granzo said in an email. “If you’ve played with it, it’s pretty basic; there’s going to be more good things to come. Step one was just getting it into people’s hands. We hope to have more transactions, like access to NYUHome and changes with the interface.”

Kienle-Granzo also added that the new mobile site was created in response to students.

“Students were asking for a more mobile-friendly [way] into the Albert system, and we know that students spend a lot of time on their phones, so it was important to a better mobile platform,” Kienle-Granzo said. 

CAS freshman Yesenia Brambila said this was the exact reason she was interested in using the mobile platform. 

“[I plan to use Albert Mobile] so I won’t have to use my computer for everything, and [I like] making it more accessible for when I’m on my phone,” Brambila said. 

Students have already begun using the new mobile version, which Kienle-Granzo said had 15,000 unique users before the end of the first day of classes. 

CAS sophomore Nico Van de Bovenkamp said while he has been able to use Albert without any serious problems, he hopes for improvements over the existing Albert site. 

“In general most college interfaces with classes and stuff are very clunky — and [Albert] is clunky,” Van de Bovenkamp said. “I hope the mobile version is better.”

A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, Sept. 4 print edition.  Email John Ambrosio at [email protected]