CAB 2017 interviews with new members

What are your primary goals for the coming year? What can members of the class of 2017 expect?
“For the next academic season, CAB17 is going to dive head first into a series of events that will cater toward the various experiences that surround a typical sophomore year. This includes topics such as studying abroad, declaring a major, getting internships and reconnecting with fellow peers. In order to address these different sophomore activities and concerns, we are starting to plan events such as a Soaring into Sophomore Year movie night and the second annual Sophomore Soiree. We also hope to host a study abroad sophomore send-off at the end of the fall semester for all of our sophomore classmates who plan on studying abroad in the spring.” — Tisch freshman Kemi Akinbileje, President

What does this Class Activities Board hope to accomplish?
“For the class of 2017, we’re looking to address concerns about studying away, looking for internships, looking for off-campus housing and declaring a major while providing a social outlet on campus to keep sophomores interested and active.” — CAS freshman William Goedel, Vice President of Finance

What is something that maybe has not been done so well in the past that this Class Activities Board hopes to improve on?
“Expanding our general assembly. Everyone knows that CAB puts on events and sets up co-sponsorships with local businesses, but not very many know that they can sit in our meetings. A handful of students from both our Washington Square and Brooklyn campuses joined us this past year, but it would be phenomenal if I helped CAB gain enough exposure to have larger meetings with tons of voices from all over campus. The more the merrier.” — Steinhardt freshman Marcia Hu, Vice President of Public Relations


What are you most looking forward to for the coming year?
“I look forward to another year of serving the Class of 2017, collaborating with other school organizations and working hard with my amazing E-Board and GA members to deliver the best of events and activities.” — CAS freshman Angel Yu, Vice President of Administration

A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, May 1 print edition. Bryna Shuman is features editor. Email her at [email protected]



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