Top 5 manicure techniques to highlight unique nails in spring season


Hair and clothing trends are not the only looks changing in fashion now that spring is here. A number of different nail trends surfaced from the spring runway lines and are perfect to sport for an everyday look. Try these stylish nail trends the next time you do your own manicure.


Instead of classic sleek and glossy nails, opt for a matte look. One method for achieving this style is to apply regular nail polish with a dash of baking soda for a grainy effect. Alternatively, immediately after applying nail polish hover your nails above steaming water to dry them matte. For added effect, apply clear nail polish only to the tips to showcase the contrast. Although spring trends tend to opt for lighter tones, a dark polish will make a standout matte look. For this style, try CND VINYLUX’s Asphalt Grey nail polish ($6.99).

Stripes and simple patterns


Models at Tracy Reese’s Spring/Summer 2014 show sported light mint green nails accented with black lines, forming a grid-like pattern. To make this look at home, start by painting your nails with a coat of a pastel polish. To match Tracy Reese’s mint green, try Essie’s nail polish in mint candy apple ($8.50). Then, with a nail art brush or a thin paintbrush, carefully paint two lines horizontally and two lines vertically to form a grid. Another option for those seeking a simple nail pattern is to paint a thin, dark stripe over a pastel polish. This adds a different dimension to a typical pastel nail.

Flipped French Manicures

Sheers have been popular on the runways and can act as inspiration to transform the classic French manicure into a unique style. Instead of the typical pink and white pairing, try the French manicure look by painting nails with a clear coat and then adding a thin, dark stripe of navy blue or black on the tips. For a nail polish with a thin precision brush perfect for an at-home French manicure, try Lechat CM’s Nail Art Design in navy blue ($3.75).

Floating Half-Moons

The floating half-moon manicure is once again trending both on and off the runway. To sport this look, paint your entire nail with a sheer nude or clear polish. Then, paint a half-moon shape on the bottom of your nail, near the cuticle. White or very light pastel polishes work perfectly for this look. A good white nail polish to try is China Glaze’s White Out ($2.03).


The ombré nail, which has been popular for the past few seasons, is a fun and simple manicure. To do an ombré look yourself, all you need is a clean makeup sponge and two colors, one light and one dark, that blend well together. On the sponge, paint on the darker polish toward the bottom and slowly blend in the lighter hue. Then, simply press the sponge onto your nails for an easy ombré manicure. Earth-tones work well with this look, such as sage and pine.

A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, April 30 print edition. Ilona Tuominen is a staff writer. Email her at [email protected]



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