Stern students host interactive campaign for Google on campus


The business students were a part of a group known as 44Four Group. The group hosted the event on April 22 as part of an advertising campaign for Google known as Life, Uninterrupted. The team was advised by Stern professor Jacob Jacoby as part of the Advertising Management class. Jacoby has won accolades for his work in researching consumer behavior.

In January, Google hired the group to increase awareness of its officer editor programs. The group has focused on promoting Google Documents.

Stern junior Anne Chang, account executive of the 44Four Group’s initiative, explained the development and execution for the ad campaign.

“We split the class into multiple departments, including research, creative, digital, PR, events and accounting to handle different parts of the campaign,” Chang said. “The creative team came up with our slogan: Life, Uninterrupted.”


The idea formed from the desire to remove interruptions from users’ lives, showing that Google Documents are easy to use and accessible from anywhere.

“We felt that people in general didn’t understand the benefits between docs, sheets and slides,” Chang said. “It’s common knowledge that people know what Google Drive is somewhat and know what docs is but don’t know what sheets and slides are, and they don’t understand the multiple functions that it has.”

The 44Four Group seeks to inform the public on the different ways to utilize these apps. To implement their goal, the students held two small events followed by the main event on April 22, all taking place around campus.

“The NYU community is composed of very curious people,” Chang said. “If you expose them to something we all have this natural curiosity to go out and discover more about it on our own.”

Steinhardt junior Jennifer Muller said she learned more about the uses of Google technology at the event.

“I appreciated all the marvelous benefits that technology offers, but I sometimes can’t keep up, so Google: Life, Uninterrupted [gets a] thumbs up,” Muller said.

Steinhardt senior Anthony Lopez said using Google Drive to its full extent makes his life easier.

“I work all day and from various mobile devices, and Google provides me the grand benefit of accessing my accounts and assignments from all of them,” Lopez said.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, April 28 print edition. Benny Seda Galarza is a contributing writer. Email him at [email protected]



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