NYU WIRELESS, partner look to 5G

Graham Rapier, Contributing Writer

NYU is embracing the next generation of wireless technology, giving students an opportunity to become part of a unique research project.

NYU WIRELESS, the research program at the Polytechnic School of Engineering, has partnered with Ericsson Incorporated to research a 5G network.

Magnus Frodigh, the director of wireless access networks research at Ericsson Research’s corporate headquarters in Stockholm, said NYU WIRELESS’s research in wireless communications is extensive, particularly its work on millimeter-wave communications.

“We will follow the work both from our U.S.-based radio research group in San Jose as well as from our radio research in Stockholm,” Frodigh said. “In addition, we are always looking for top talents, and our university collaborations are one of our main sources for recruitments.”

Poly junior James Manne-Nicholas said he is eager to see the program move forward.

“As an intercollegiate collaboration it’s rather interesting,” Manne-Nicholas said.

The program will be expanding even more in the future. From April 23 to 25, NYU WIRELESS is partnering with communications company Nokia to present the first Brooklyn 5G Summit at the Poly campus.

The partner companies each send two members to sit with and advise NYU WIRELESS researchers, and will keep students updated on the technology industry while offering job opportunities in the field.

CAS junior and computer science major Mike Jaoudi said he would appreciate a chance to work with the program.

“[What] they are doing at NYU WIRELESS is some truly revolutionary work,” Jaoudi said. “Being a part of that research team as an undergraduate would be a tremendous opportunity.”

NYU WIRELESS Director Theodore Rappaport said in a press release that the program is pleased to welcome Ericsson.

“Our students will benefit from working alongside this global innovator and leader in network infrastructure technology and wireless services.”

A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, April 23 print edition. Graham Rapier is a contributing writer. Email him at [email protected].