Do it Yourself: PostIt Calendar

Jolene Hsu for WSN

A Post-It Calendar is an easy do-it-yourself project that makes great wall art in a drab dorm room and can be a great help in organizing your school and social life.



·       22×19-inch picture frame with wooden frame and glass cover

·       Foam board

·       42 3×3-inch Post-It notes

·       Scissors

·       Sharpie

·       Ruler

·       Dry erase marker



1. Cut the foam board to fit the size of the frame.

2. Arrange 35 of the Post-Its in five rows and seven columns on the foam board, leaving at least 3 inches at the top of the board for space to write the month and a half-inch on the other three borders for framing.

3. Draw a right angle at the top right corner of each Post-It to form a small square. This space will be where you write the dates for the month.

4. Cut the remaining seven Post-Its in half. You will need the half with the adhesive.

5. Place each of these cut Post-Its above a column, and write the days of the week in their respective columns.

6. Mount the foam board onto the frame and put the glass back into place.

7. Use the dry erase marker directly on the frame, writing the month name on the top and filling in the dates in the squares.


Tips for Decorating:

·Find a colorful frame for a cheap price at a local thrift store or Goodwill.

·Use different color Post-Its for each row or column, or make a fun checkered board with two colors.

·Make a smaller calendar by using a smaller frame and smaller Post-Its.

·Paint or decorate the foam board before placing the Post-Its on top for more customization.


Tips for Utilizing:

·Use different color markers for different types of events

·Write down due dates for big projects and schedule yourself checkpoints along the way

·Keep an academic calendar handy for reference so when a new month begins, you can easily find and record the dates for breaks and exams.

·Reward yourself for keeping up with a calendar by scheduling in relaxation days.

Jolene Hsu is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]



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