Top 5 strategies for preventing ripped tights

Avital Glibicky for WSN

It is always frustrating to buy a pair of trendy tights, only to find a pesky hole or tear in them within the next few days. In one season you can easily find yourself going through a dozen pairs of tights. They are the perfect accessories for the winter season, with some pairs coming in thick and warm textures. But as the winter weather starts to fade and the warm weather of spring finally comes our way, it will be time to sport the even less-durable, thin pairs. Despite being a great addition to many outfits, sheer tights are the most susceptible to rips and tears. Here are some easy DIY methods on how to fix and prevent tears to help make all your pairs last the whole season.

Nail Polish

Nail polish is probably the most common way to mend any hole or run that appears in a pair of tights or pantyhose. Any color nail polish can work, but clear is best because it will not clash with the color of your tights. Simply apply the polish around all the edges of the hole — this will prevent it from growing any larger. It is best not to wear your tights while applying polish. Be sure to wait long enough for the nail polish to dry and keep a washcloth or polish remover at hand for any accidental spills.


Hairspray is another quick and easy method to prevent a run in your tights from getting any larger. Just spray the entire area around the hole. It is best to do this with your tights off to prevent having any sticky residue on your legs. Once finished, the hairspray will temporarily stiffen the fibers of your tights. This is a great method to use if you are in a rush, since hairspray dries almost instantly. Be sure to keep away from water because the hairspray will wash off.


If your tear is not in a noticeable area or on a pair of white tights, using Wite-Out is another useful method. Similar to nail polish, simply apply the Wite-Out all around the run or hole, and then leave time for the fluid to fully dry. Be sure to stay away from water because Wite-Out can also wash off.

Snag Removal

One method to prevent holes in your tights is to remove any threads that are sticking out of snagged areas. This method helps prevent the snag from turning into an annoying hole or rip. While wearing your tights, simply pinch the area around the loose thread, and use scissors to cut it off as close to the base as possible.

Extra Pairs

If you have several pairs of tights in the same shade, you can easily conserve ruined pairs instead of purchasing more. All you have to do is get two pairs of matching tights and cut off the ruined leg on each pair. Those two pairs can then be worn together, appearing like a perfectly intact single pair of tights.

A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, March 12 print edition. Helen Owolabi is a staff writer. Email her at [email protected]