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Playing Catch Up

Ken Langone is hosting campaign fundraisers for congressmen who helped pass a bill last year that appropriated a large sum of money to NYU Langone Medical Center for post-hurricane disaster aid.

NYU’s Center for Drug Use and HIV Research conducted a study that found the majority of high school seniors reported that they would try marijuana if it were legal. The report also stated that 61 percent of the nearly 10,000 students reported they had not used marijuana.


NYU Secret #4329: “I’m skipping class to compete in the Smash Bros tournament. I think I’ve got my priorities straight.”

In and of the City

Hipsters who cannot grow facial hair are spending up to $7,000 on beard transplants.

New York City Council extended a law that will demand businesses to pay workers for sick leave.

New York State Assemblyman James Skoufis proposed a bill that would make CUNY and SUNY schools tuition-free.

A Columbia University sorority apologized for holding an Olympic-themed party where party-goers dressed as racial stereotypes last weekend.

*Correction: A previous version of this article stated that NYU Langone Medical Center was hosting the fund-raisers. Kenneth Langone is hosting these fund-raisers as a private citizen.
WSN regrets the error.


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