[VIDEO] Op Ed Live: Mental Health on Campus

The Washington Square News Opinion Desk presents Op Ed Live: Mental Health on Campus. Deputy Editor Christina Coleburn and Contributing Columnist Dan Moritz-Rabson discuss the state of mental health care across the country and at NYU. Are there enough psychologists and psychiatrists working at the Wellness Center? Should those suffering from depression be sent home? The film is moderated by Deputy Editor Omar Etman. It is filmed and edited by Emilio Madrid-Kuser.



  1. I have had very negative experiences with the ‘Wellness’ Center. The first time, I filled out paperwork, and spoke to a counselor who simply asked if I was planning to commit suicide/homicide and when I said ‘No’, I was quickly dismissed without any help. The second time (months later) I saw a different counselor who spent our brief interaction complaining about how fat she felt and was very rude to me, implying I could lose weight too (I am a healthy size). At no point did they ask me anything about myself or offer help. They literally just ask if you’re planning to die and then dismiss you if you say no (If you say yes, you’re immediately reported to the Dean of your school and permanently kicked out of college). Rather than expand the Wellness Center I think they ought to get rid of it – it is costing our university millions and clearly not helping anyone – it doesn’t surprise me that so many young people are driven to kill themselves here. Zoe Ragouzeos is an irresponsible idiot and she has a lot to answer for.


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