Stuyvesant Town

Wendi Liu for WSN

In a bustling city where the most wallet-friendly apartments can often be cramped, shoebox-sized rooms, Stuyvesant Town offers a unique residential alternative. The largest single residential apartment complex in Manhattan, Stuytown is bordered by 14th Street and 20th Street between First Avenue and Avenue C.

Home to many NYU upperclassmen, as well as a mix of young families and senior citizens, Stuytown offers a wide variety of campus-style amenities. Each apartment building is equipped with its own laundry rooms, although it can be a little pricier than the NYU dorm rate. The complex features a cafe, study lounge and a fitness gym, all surrounding a courtyard at the center of the complex called the Stuyvesant Oval.

However, if you are moving off-campus for the first time, Stuytown’s 20 to 30 minute walk to and from Washington Square Park and sparse subway locations may be a little intimidating. Due to the burgeoning student population, NYU SafeRide will make stops in Stuytown, and NYU buses also have stops around Stuytown. However, do not count on taking the bus early in the morning, because it will most likely be crowded.

Overall, Stuytown is a campus away from NYU where students can live alongside friendly neighbors and building mates who may even let you in if you forget your building ID.

Hanqing Chen