Storage Tips


When moving into your new room, it is hard to imagine how all of your things could fit into such a tiny space. But, by using every cubic inch to your advantage, it can quickly become a cute, cozy retreat.

Be creative

Turn every hidden space into a storage area. Whether it is behind your door, under your bed or even in between the air conditioner and the wall, use that space to your advantage. Get some vacuum bags to store out-of-season clothes or use suitcases to store items when you are not traveling.

Use your vertical space

While there are only so many cubic feet to put your belongings, you can still use the space from your floor to your ceiling. Stack anything and everything — put your microwave on top of the fridge or buy some cheap plastic drawers to go on top of storage boxes. Invest in some 3M Command Hooks and tape to hang decorations and pictures rather than having them take up floor space, while also saving your wall from having holes put into it.

Maximize closet space

Instead of stuffing clothes into the small drawers provided, consider one or more closet organizers. While you will lose some space for hanging clothes, you will have a larger area for folded shirts, jeans, shorts and skirts. Alternatively, hang a shoe rack so your shoes don’t line the floors and use hooks for bags, jewelry and scarves to help eliminate clutter.

Tamara Wescott