Senior House

Felipe De La Hoz/WSN

Estimated cost: $12,200-$14,900
Low-cost rooms available: No
Commute to campus: 10 minutes
Nearby subways: F, M, 1, 2, 3
Shuttle: Yes

Senior year is not just about job hunting and enjoying the final days of college. It is also about taking advantage of benefits you will not have after May. If you want the perks of on-campus housing without feeling like you are in a dorm, look to the Senior House.

Nestled on the border of the West Village and Greenwich Village at West 13th Street, this residence hall is just minutes away from the Meatpacking District and the artsy Chelsea neighborhood, while also being a close walk to campus. Subway stations and essential shops such as Murray’s Bagels, 16 Handles and Urban Outfitters are within a few blocks.

Room sizes vary, but closets are tiny. Also, get ready to say an early goodbye to Campus Cash — the laundry machines only take quarters. Most importantly though, be aware that there are two towers in the Senior House. If you end up in the North Tower, you will have to go through a labyrinth of a tunnel every time you leave the building. The A rooms in the South Tower are also known for their bigger size because they have an entire extra room.

The Senior House may be the perfect option as your last stop at NYU. It feels collegiate, yet also grown-up. You can embrace the independence and the community at the same time.

“There’s a small number of residents, so all the staff get to know you on a personal level and they’re so friendly,” Gallatin senior Britt Simpson said. “You really feel independent and are given more responsibility and freedom.”

Jaewon Kang