Lower East Side

Hannah Treasure for WSN

The Lower East Side is quickly becoming one of the most popular off-campus neighborhoods. Forget about the rise of Williamsburg, this trending neighborhood has everything a student in New York City could want.

Historically an immigrant neighborhood, the Lower East Side has had its share of cultural influences, which is reflected in the food. For those looking to save some money, a trip to Shu Jiao Fu Zhou Cuisine on Eldridge is more than worth it for a $3 dozen of dumplings and a $2 plate of noodles.

The art scene is also promising, with quirky graffiti and tons of contemporary art galleries like the New Museum on the Bowery. Also on the Bowery are some of the many boutiques only found in New York City, like the outlandish Patricia Field store.

Due to its rising gentrification and popularity, prices run a bit steep, with one-bedroom apartments ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 monthly.

From an endless variety of cuisines to boutiques and a pumping nightlife scene, the Lower East Side has its own magnetic vibe that is sure to entice students to pick it as their new home.

David Bologna