Exploration Floors

Jonathan Tan/WSN

If you are coming to NYU with a specific interest in mind, there is likely an explorations floor suited to your needs. First-year students have the option of living on floors geared toward food, Spanish language, fashion and theater, among other options. The choices for upperclassmen are nearly as numerous and include floors focused on entrepreneurship, interfaith service and New York City in the ’60s.

The goal is to place students in an atmosphere that enhances their academic life in a relaxed and interest-specific setting. Moreover, the increased activity level encourages camaraderie among floormates. To apply for an explorations floor, students must submit another form in addition to the housing application which asks short-answer questions about what you can bring to the floor and why you want to live there.

In my personal experience living on the Human Rights and International Relations explorations floor, I have been provided with opportunities to which most NYU freshmen do not have access. By mere virtue of living on the 12th floor of Rubin residence hall, I have resources at my disposal that have heightened my first semesters at NYU — my RA was selected because his qualifications and planned career path are well-suited to the intended purpose of the floor. Also, the additional funding he receives to organize programs, whether in our hallway or at the United Nations, is a nice perk.

There are truthfully no downsides to living on an explorations floor. The experience it provides is not time consuming — all activities are optional — but worthwhile. And, if you are not an expert on the theme of a particular floor, worry not — there is no expectation of prior knowledge to join.

Omar Etman